Insulating Britain Roadshow

In 2014 Celotex toured the UK on a double decker bus, stopping at 50 major towns and cities over the course of 3 months, with one aim. To educate the market place on the Building Regulation changes that came into force. Celotex Insulating Britain Roadshow has now finished, but the Insulating Scotland campaign is just around the corner, beginning on the 28th of September 2015.

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Who is it for?

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Housebuilders

What can I expect?

  • Product training
  • CPD on board the bus
  • Talk to our Technical Experts
  • Learn about Part L and Section 6
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Roadshow dates

  • Ecobuild: 4th-6th March
  • London: 7th March
  • Watford: 10th March
  • Bedford: 11th March
  • Leicester: 12th March
  • Peterborough: 13th March
  • Derby: 17th March
  • Nottingham Trent: 18th March
  • Nottingham: 18th-19th March
  • Sheffield: 20th March
  • Leeds: 24th-26th March
  • Doncaster: 27th March
  • York: 31st March
  • Darlington: 1st-2nd April
  • Newcastle: 3rd-4th April
  • Motherwell: 7th April
  • Glasgow: 8th-10th April
  • Carlisle: 11th April
  • Preston: 28th April
  • Chorley: 29th April
  • Manchester: 30th April
  • Liverpool: 1st-2nd May
  • Birmingham: 6th-9th May
  • Cardiff: 12th-13th May
  • Bristol: 14th May
  • Tewkesbury: 15th May
  • Bristol: 16th May
  • Southampton: 19th May
  • Reading: 21st May
  • Oxford: 22nd May
  • Barking: 23rd May
  • Maidstone: 27th May
  • Flitwick: 28th May
  • Norwich: 29th May
  • Hadleigh: 30th May
  • Glasgow: 28th September
  • Glasgow: 29th September
  • Perth: 30th September
  • Dundee: 30th September
  • Aberdeen: 1st October
  • Inverness: 2nd October
  • Fort William: 5th October
  • Oban: 6th October
  • Edinburgh: 7th October
  • Edinburgh: 8th October
  • Harwick: 9th October
  • Melrose: 10th October
Insulating Britain Roadshow
View the Insulating Britain Roadshow Journey

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View the Insulating Britain Roadshow journey.

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