Carbon Offset


At Celotex, sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is key our business and remains a top priority. When planning the UK roadshows we therefore considered the environmental impact of our activities.

As part of this we implemented an initiative to offset the carbon associated with this. To ensure the Celotex roadshow was carbon positive we signed up to a programme that actually offset more CO2 emissions than was released during the tour.

Celotex took part in a UK regional programme planting trees across East Anglia. This project coordinated the planting of native British broad-leaved trees across the UK. Planting trees provides broad environmental benefits, helping provide wildlife habitat for many hundreds of years, and passing on to future generations a fascinating and highly valuable ecological heritage.

The tree planting specialists have local environmental knowledge to ensure that the correct species of native broad-leaved trees will be specified for the locations where they are most needed; supplementing hedgerows, woodlands and nature reserves, parks and farmland. A large proportion of the trees planted were in school grounds, where they will help to educate and raise awareness among pupils.

And we haven’t stopped there! With the Insulating Scotland roadshow we have done the same again, this time planting them across Scotland to offset our journey positively for the two week roadshow.



Insulating Britain Roadshow

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